The Importance of Regular Maintenance and Filter Cartridge Replacement

The water filter system is an aspect of your home or office that is often given little consideration. In fact, some customers are aware that your drinking water appliance requires regular filter changes. Still, it is highly recommended to pay attention to your water filtration system. Remember that it’s what keeps your drinking water clean at all times.

Water filter cartridges are the rock stars of your entire filter system. They play an important role in filtering out contaminants, keeping healthy minerals in, and making sure your water tastes great.

How Long Does a Water Filter Last

Walter filter cartridges usually have a lifespan of six to twelve months. To make ensure your filter works well in the next few months, you can seek advice from a professional water filtration provider such as Boiling Point Service. They can determine the condition of your water filter cartridges and estimate how long they can be effective.

What Happens If You Don’t Replace Your Cartridges

You may be tempted to put off this matter for a while. If you have put off replacing your cartridges, you might be suffering from more serious consequences. Mud and other contaminants tend to pile up on your filters in time. If this happens, you could be drinking more toxins than you expect. We don’t want to put you or your co-workers health in danger because of a poorly-maintained filtration system.

There are several signs that your cartridges need replacing to be aware of:

Bad Taste and Smell of Water

Check the taste and smell of the water. This is an obvious and fast way to determine the condition of your water filter cartridge. If it already smells funny or you see particles in your water, then it’s about time to replace those cartridges.

Slimy Residue Outside the Cartridges

If you’re doing a regular check on your water filters, see if there is any slime build-up in its walls or exteriors. That way, you can either clean your water filters in the meantime or have an expert conduct a complete cartridge replacement.

Beyond the Lifespan

Check the documents of your water filtration system and identify the estimated lifespan of your cartridges. If it’s already beyond its duration of effectiveness, it’s best to have them replaced right away.

The Presence of Granules

If you have a conventional water filter system, you might expect to see granules in your water when your cartridges start to deteriorate. This is an unpleasant sight to see, especially when you were just about to drink some water. You can get a highly advanced water filter cartridge as a replacement, ensuring you won’t be seeing any granules in your drinking water for a long time.

Water Filter Maintenance and Replacement By The Experts

It’s often a difficult task to look into your water filter cartridges and determine whether it’s time to replace them. To take some load off, you can entrust your entire water filtration system to experts like Boiling Point Services. Many systems also tell you when its time to change those filters. Don’t ignore the flashing lights. There are several factors about your cartridges that only well-experienced professionals know and could keenly look into. If you want to have your water filter cartridges checked, maintained, or replaced, feel free to contact the team today!