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Expert advice on choosing the right water filters

Are your water filter unit lights flashing?

When did you last have your water filter replaced?

“Ensuring your system has a regular service and filter change will extend the life of your boiling, chilled, filtered drinking water system” 

While local authorities and councils strive to deliver safe, quality water to our homes and offices, there are many kilometres of pipework and reservoirs that contaminate our drinking water supplies.

There are many types of water filters on today’s market and choosing the right filter for your system is as easy as booking a service call, or chatting to our experienced team. Depending on the make, model and number of people using your office water system we recommend your filters are changed between 6 – 12 months.

We’ve made it even easier for you by offering a reminder when your next replacement filter is due. Saving you time and making sure that your team is getting the benefit of drinking filtered water.

Benefits of having a quality filtered water solution?

  • Drinking water maximises physical performance
  • Helps Energy levels and brain function
  • Removes dangerous contaminants from drinking water supply such as giardia
  • More affordable than bottled water
  • Improves odour and taste of water
  • Convenient – no more trips to the café
  • Eco-friendly reducing the environmental impact of one-use plastic bottles

Are you in charge of the upkeep of your commercial water filter systems?

Request a site audit to ensure your team has plenty of filtered water available.

We offer a wide range of water filters at competitive pricing

The experienced team at Boiling Point Services can recommend a quality water filtration system to suit any budget and now stock all leading brands replacement filters including Billi, ZIP and many more.

We stock, supply, service, install & maintain only the most reliable brands of water filtration systems including the leading manufacturers such as Billi, ZIP, Rheem and many more.

Frequently asked questions

How often should I book a service call?

It is recommended that your Billi, ZIP filtered water filter unit has regular water filter replacement and service, usually 6 – 12 months.

How do I know when I need a filter change?

Is it 12 months already? Time goes by very quickly and you may have lights flashing or your system is starting to show signs of poor performance, taste issues, poor flow. Chances are it’s time for a replacement filter.

Can I buy filters from Boiling Point Services?

Yes! Request a quote using our link and we can deliver to your door.

Are all Water filter units filtered?

Whilst all Billi and ZIP under sink units include filtration, we offer a wide range of other Manufacturers under sink units to suit your office needs, talk to our team about retrofitting filtration to keep your team safe from the nasties.

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