Reset Billi

Billi Quadra System – Not Operational after 14 Days No Use

Reset procedure for Units fitted with Display/Control Panel on Undersink unit only

Symptom – Found nonresponsive and with no lights displaying on Dispenser assembly. No boiling water dispensed and cold water dispensing but not chilled.

Initially – Turn system off at GPO (Power) for 30 seconds to reset. Wait 15 minutes and recheck. If symptoms persist, please follow steps below.

Step 1 – Inspect system under the sink and see what information is being displayed on the screen. If unable to read or blank, – push the “back” control button as this will take the system out of display screen saver mode and the display with activate and will display information.

Step 2 – If the system is displaying “locked off”, find your “mode” control button on the far Righthand side located next to the display screen (button usually blue). Push, hold and cycle button down until you see the “locked on” mode being displayed on the screen. You may need to function a few times to get correct selection.

Step 3 – Once in “locked on” the system will need to reheat and chill down, and this may take up to 25min depending on the size of your system. At this time the red and blue light on the tap will be flashing.

Step 4 – Once the red and blue lights on the tap have become solid (permanently on) this will indicate the system is ready for use. Push the red lever down (Active Safety on rear of dispenser if previously engaged) and confirm boiling water will dispense (do not place hands under boiling water outlet) and then test the chilled side by pushing the cold lever down.

Step 5 – Return to Time Switch Settings-If preferred. Use the “mode” control button on the far-Right hand side located next to the display screen (button usually blue). Push and hold button down until you see the “Time Switch ON” mode being displayed on the screen. Press the “back” control button to return to main display.

If your system is inoperative or has an ongoing fault, please contact our team to lodge a service request as all other inspections or diagnosis will be required to be completed on site.