Water Filter Services

Keep Your Business Healthy With Our Water Filter Service

Boiling Point Services provides water filter installation and services to businesses and organisations across the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Ipswich regions.

Custom Maintenance Tailored to Your System

At Boiling Point Services, we specialise in servicing all types of water filtration systems, like ZIP, Billi and Rheem. No matter your brand or type, our technicians have the expertise to keep it functioning at its best.

Our services include:

Water Filter Systems

From under sinks to wall mounts, we’re experts on most filtration systems on the market. Annual servicing keeps them performing optimally. 

Billi Tap and ZIP Tap Service Specialists

Our technicians are experts in Billi water filter and ZIP water filter servicing. With our ZIP tap service, your business always has access to hot water on demand. All of our technicians are also trained (and carry spare parts for) on Rheem, Supakwik and other major water filter suppliers. 

Chiller Units

Chiller units require specialist servicing to maintain cooling and filtration. Our technicians ensure yours stays effective and energy-efficient.

Specialised Tap Filtration

We service ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, carbon block, and more for medical centres, laboratories, and other specialised businesses.

Warranty and Repairs

We handle all types of warranty servicing and provide repairs, so you don’t have to worry about equipment downtime. Our priority is to keep your system running.

We carry spare parts & replacement filters

Every service technician has a full stock of spare parts, genuine filters, CO2 canisters & generic filters to suit ZIP, Billi, Rheem & many other trusted brands of boiling & chilled water units.

We have competitive pricing

Our warehouse carries a wide range of Boiling, chilled, filtered & sparkling units to suit your location. Our installation turnaround can be as early as 24 hours.

We get to know our customers, offering filter maintenance plans, reminders when your next filter is due & the ability to complete warranty repairs as authorised service agents for ZIP, Billi, Rheem & Supakwik, we can handle all your service requests in one call.

How Good Does the Water Taste at Your Business?

Is the water in your Brisbane business leaving an unpleasant taste in your employees’ mouths? Do you worry about outdated filtration systems exposing your staff to contaminants? At Boiling Point Services, we understand how critical clean, filtered water is for your business’s health and productivity.

Contact us today for details on our water filter service.

Affordable Water Filtration Services

As Brisbane’s premier water filtration specialists, we have spent two decades providing businesses across the city with filtered water they can rely on. Our comprehensive servicing, repairs, maintenance, and filter replacement will keep your water filtration system running optimally, delivering the water quality your business deserves.

Our technicians undergo regular training to stay current on the latest water filtration technology and maintenance best practices. You can trust us to get the job done right, no matter how complex your system is.

Reliable Filtration Is Key to Workplace Wellbeing

The benefits of adequately filtered water go far beyond taste. Timely servicing and maintenance from Boiling Point Services provides:

Improved Health

Filtration removes potentially harmful contaminants like lead, bacteria and chlorine that can cause illness. Our water filter services ensure your system always delivers clean, safe water.

Higher Productivity

Good hydration keeps employees alert and focused, while impurities can affect performance. Clean water boosts concentration for an effective workforce, showcasing the importance of water quality in the workplace.

Better Taste

Eliminating bad tastes and odours from poor filtration makes drinking water more enjoyable. Your staff will want to drink more.

Regulatory Compliance

You may require testing, reporting and a water filter maintenance schedule to meet standards, depending on your industry. We will ensure your water meets all quality regulations.

Equipment Longevity

Routine maintenance prevents buildup and damage that shortens the lifespan of your water filter system. Our servicing enables your system to operate reliably for years to come.


With Boiling Point Services, you gain confidence knowing your water is as clean as possible. Our skilled technicians will ensure your filtration system is doing its job effectively.

Contact Boiling Point Services for Clean Water and Peace of Mind

Don’t settle for lacklustre performance from your water filtration system. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation for your water filter services.