COVID statement

Working with Boiling Point Services during – COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic

We want to reassure our Boiling Point Service Customers we are being reactive to the ongoing situation whilst putting into place measures so that we can continue to provide you with our service and support. As any issues are being identified, we are being reactive in dealing with and being in the fore front with procedures to prevent any transmission with the Public, Customers, Staff and our Service Team.

What we are doing:

  • • Technicians are to maintain the recommended minimum social distance 1.5 metres between both Customers, Visitors and Our Team Members
  • • Our Team is equipped with hand sanitiser, surface disinfectant, gloves and facemasks for use where required and will maintain the highest standards of hygiene within and outside our customers premises
  • • Daily health checks and reporting are in place. Our team are requested to advise not only on themselves but also regarding personal contacts with potential health issues and raise any concerns, on a daily basis
  • • As a provider to Government, Education and Corporate customers in many industries including the Health industry, we are requested to constantly update these entities of any changes to our COVID reporting regularly
  • • We offer a contactless service and support operation. Where customers require additional site information, this is assisted by equipment Photographs and GPS Technician tracking to enable task confirmation, currently no signature is required on completion

We do request where possible and at the time of booking a service request that any additional requirements due to COVID19 circumstances are communicated and any concerns are notified prior to attendance. This assists with our recording process. As circumstances are currently changing, our attending Technician may request information on site and any assistance from our customers is highly appreciated.

Reacting to any changes with the current situation, where possible we will assist each customer with any required changes. We are up to date with the latest information and gain our support from – We look forward to continuing our high level of support to all our customers and encourage you to please contact myself to discuss any changing circumstances directly with myself or our via where you can find information or book any service request.