Top Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water

Studies show that there are more than 2,100 known bacteria in drinking water. Are you willing to take this much risk?

You don’t need to. A filtered water system is all you need to avoid any bacteria in your water supply. If you have been spending a fortune on bottled water just to keep from drinking tap water, then you can save a lot with a water filter suited to your home. You’re not only giving yourself clean, safe water, but you can also enjoy its great taste.

Still having doubts about getting a water filtration system? Here are seven benefits of water filters that you might want to consider:

Taste and Smell

Filtered water tastes better than most conventional taps. Most water filtration systems in Brisbane have the technology that not only makes your water cleaner but also improves its taste. You can now do away with the chemical smell or flat water taste of tap water since these filters make sure to remove bacteria and chlorine from your water supply.

No More Boiling

In some households, they would prefer to boil tap water to kill microorganisms and other contaminants. Still, it takes much time to prepare your drinking water, and the cooled off water tends to have a flat, unpleasant taste. With a filtration system, you can have great tasting water fast and hassle-free.

Prevent Toxins

A filter removes harmful substances in your water supply, such as lead, chlorine, bugs, and other contaminants. For instance, the Fibron X Carbon filter of our Billi filtration system has the advanced technology to remove chemicals before they get into your home plumbing.

Save Costs

Installing a water filtration system in your home would require quite an expense at first. However, it’s an excellent long-term investment, especially if it means you get to enjoy safe and good-tasting water for long periods.

Retain Minerals

Water filters remove minerals that are harmful to you and retain those that are beneficial for your health. These filters allow you to have high-quality water similar to that of a bottled one.

Low Risk of Cancer

By installing a water filter system, you can lessen your risk of certain types of cancer like rectal, colon and bladder cancer. These filters remove any chlorine in your water supply, allowing you to drink directly from your faucet without ever worrying about getting any sickness from it.

Use for Cooking

The best thing about having a filtration system for your entire water supply at home is that you can feel safe using your tap water for various home activities like cooking. Clean filtered water can be used to wash fruits and vegetables and even use the water for your soups. With its retained minerals, filtered water can make your meals extra healthy.

Choosing a Water Filtration System Today

There’s no better day to get started with filtered water than today. Your family’s safety is a priority. You can continue to protect your loved ones by installing a suitable water filtration system in your home. That way, you can ensure that everyone in your family is drinking safe, clean, and good-tasting water. 

Boiling Point Services offers the best water filtration systems in Brisbane, providing the best kind of technology to improve the quality of your water supply. Enjoy great-tasting water and peace of mind. Contact the team to know more.