General Pricing

Effective 1st March Boiling Point Services will have a slight increase in our Labour Price increase due to operational costs.

We are also implementing a New “Priority” booking arrangement as part of our task booking procedure.
All tasks will now be booked under the following priorities.

Customers will be requested to advise preferred priority at time of booking.

Note: Please be aware all manufacturers have had price increases, and some have been significant.

Standard Initial Call $ 85.00 ex
Service Labour (Ordinary Hours) $ 45.00 ex (Per 15 mins / 1⁄4 Hr) Effective 1st March 2024
Plumbing Labour $ 100.00 ex (Per Hour or part thereof) Effective 1st March 2024

Urgent Within 4 Hrs Additional Service Labour 30 min / 1⁄2 Hr
Priority Within 1 Day Additional Service Labour 15 min / 1⁄4 Hr
General Within 3 Days Standard Initial Call
Routine Within 7 Days Discounted Service Labour 15 min / 1⁄4 Hr

NEW Priority Booking Benefits

• No additional charges will apply if we attend earlier than scheduled.
• No additional Initial call charges apply to any reinspection regardless of issue.
• All requests subject to availability and within Ordinary Business Hours 7.30 am to 3.30pm
• Allows customers requesting Priority assistance an opportunity to bring a task forward.
• All Urgent Priority requests must be made by phone / no acceptance of Urgent email
• Urgent & Priority requests guaranteed, or “Additional Service Labour” waived due to
unforeseen circumstances. Customers will be notified.
• All customers with alternative arrangements in place will be notified separately.