Billi Filters

World class water filtration technology is now in your reach with Billi filters. This filtration system is recognised by the NSF public health and safety organisation. Billi filters have fully complied to the Australian Standards Watermark, ensuring you get the safest and highest quality potable water. 

Key Fibron Benefits

Billi has a state-of-the-art Fibron X technology that promises maximum performance and capacity when it comes to filtration. With the best water technology, you’ll never have to worry about particles or chemicals in your water. 

Our Fibron X technology guarantees to reduce or eliminate the following: 

  • Chlorine and organic chemicals
  • Particles
  • Lead and heavy metals
  • Parasitic cysts giardia

Billi’s Fibron X technology is the most trusted water filtration system where families and clients can get their water processee with peace of mind.

Choosing Billi at Boiling Point Services

Our team at Boiling Point Services understands the importance of clean, safe potable water in our daily lives. That’s the reason we offer Billi filters as an ideal choice of filtration system. 

What Makes Billi Stand Out

Conventional carbon filters are composed of granules which have decreasing surface area over time. Once it deteriorates, so does the quality of water. Billi Fibron X Carbon has an activated carbon fibre with superior contaminants reduction feature. It doesn’t wear down as fast as other water periods, ensuring high quality water and peace of mind

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